Access the guidance you need to improve your relationship(s) today. Choose from a variety of convenient formats:

  • Skype – I help you release your inhibitions around intimacy and learn to act as a mirror for your partner(s).
  • In-person – Meet with me at a safe, neutral location. Develop a new level of acceptance, trust, and comfort. Share these lessons with your partner(s) and make the world a better place!
  • Couples’ Training – You and your partner meet with me and an assistant in a calming environment. We help you acknowledge and release blockages as you unearth the love that lies beneath.
  • Small Groups – Meet in a casual, social environment and get a taste of intimacy training. These low-intensity sessions make a great first step toward releasing fears and revitalizing your relationship.

Note: Though I teach intimacy, love, and connection, I do NOT engage in sexual acts of any kind with clients. I teach you the social/energetic/relationships skills you need to get affection without having to pay for it. You deserve the love and attention that comes from connecting with a person who wants you just as you are. Imagine connecting with a beautiful person who offers the whole package: looks, love, respect, affection, etc. without a price tag. Let me show you how to bring your ideal lover into your life (or bring these qualities out in your current relationship)!!!